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9xb's Predictions For 2016

No one can predict the future (or can they?) but here at 9xb we wanted to share our predictions in digital for 2016. In no particular order, our predictions are…

Rise In Ad Blockers

It is estimated in the UK 20% of online users have ad blockers enabled, this figure is set to rise even higher throughout 2016. It comes as no surprise as publishers continue to bombard sites with ad upon ad. You may not have heard of Google Contributor, Google’s own unique way of giving website users the opportunity to enjoy ad free online experiences for a monthly fee. Depending on how much you pay will depend on many ads get blocked per month. Part of the contribution helps fund the sites you visit.

Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications are already started to happen, you may already have seen or experienced them – exciting eh? These messages have a lot of promise! They are a simple, effective way in which you can engage with visitors to your website, even if they are looking at a different website.

Online Advertising Pricing Set To Increase

The world of online marketing has been extremely competitive over recent years and 2016 is set to see this competition rise to a new level. It is basic economics, an increase in demand inevitably brings an increase in price, therefore all the new online marketing competitors will drive the prices for an online market share even higher. Online advertising can be quite cheap, but the increases in price may prevent some smaller brands from being able to advertise online. Fear not, though. It doesn’t have to be a problem, it can become an opportunity.

Google’s Free Features To Be Monetised?

When Google made Shopping a paid feature in late 2012 brands were in uproar, but on reflection it was a smart move by Google. Not only are they making a huge amount of revenue from this channel, brands are now capitalising. What else will Google look to monetise? Our prediction is Google Local Listings. Lots of local businesses rely heavily on local listings and if it was to become a paid options there could be a lot more Google could offer businesses to further optimise their listings.

Video Advertising Will Dominate

Video ads are nothing new, with social channels such as YouTube dedicated to hosting billions of videos and advertising platforms like Facebook and Twitter already offering advertisers video options. However, 2016 is set to be different as Google finally gets on board with in-SERP video advertising. This is a sign that users are starting to become more accepting of video ads online. As this trend continues to be more and more popular expect to see video ads popping up in unexpected places! With Google’s ownership of YouTube, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Interactive Content

Content building has been the driving force of marketing in recent years. But the truth is, most marketers choose to focus on article writing over anything else because it is simpler and quicker to do that producing videos or infographics. In 2016, if you want to stand out from your competitors, interactive content is the way to do it. Interactive content is much more engaging, easier to digest and can typically harvest more backlinks than some of the best written articles.

Pay To Play

‘Pay to play’ has been present across the most popular social media platforms for years. But 2015 witnessed the difficulty of getting content noticed on social media for free. Without paying for content to be published, it only shows to a very limited audience, by paying you can create custom audiences where your content is properly distributed, therefore increasing your market share. Facebook have just announced they are tweaking Instant Articles too. Instant Articles delivers your article to Facebook users directly on Facebook. Meaning, users don’t actually have to visit your website to view the content in full.

Personalised Interaction With Each Customer – Now A Must!

The channels that customers use to communicate with brands is endless, be it email, text, phone, social media, YouTube and others alike. It’s a brands responsibility to interact with customers in a meaningful way via the channel of the customers preference. As your market share increases it becomes a difficult process to maintain those powerful, one on one discussions that customers love. You can put things in place to help enrich the overall user experience, like sending abandoned cart messages, recommending products on your website, emulating a conversation with a product expert and sending transactional emails.

So, what do you think of our predictions? Do you have any predictions you want to put forward? If so comment below, we would love to read them!