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A 500 Mile Triathlon for Diabetes UK

In October I decided to undertake a mammoth task that would raise money towards a charity very close to my heart; Diabetes UK. I mustered up the idea of completed 500 miles in the space of 31 days, which later became the terrifying, yet truly exciting and so far amazing ‘500 Miles in May’.

One week in and it’s safe to say I’m beginning to question the spur of the moment decision I made way back when I had no idea how long a marathon really was, and just how long it takes to swim a mile.

That said, I’m fairly confident this is one of the best challenges I have ever set myself, and I’m hoping that the sense of pride I’ll feel as I crawl over the final mile will reflect that.

The Story So Far

After 7 days I’m proud of each and every one of the 126 miles I have got through swimming, running and cycling. Yesterday I completed the Northumberland Coastal Challenge marathon, running from Bamburgh down to Alnmouth. It was one the most painful experiences of my life, and has left me with an irritating case of sunburn that will remind me of the blistering heat and humid atmosphere from a memorable bank holiday Monday, at least the next few days.

Although my back, legs and waist are feeling the brunt of my marathon inexperience, overall all it was a great day which showed I had at least a little mental grit and determination, as well as a reasonable level of fitness which carried me across the finish line. After a mere 7 days, I’ve gone through 2 bikes, an entire box of plasters and great deal of ‘Deep Freeze’ body spray.

Although I have trained thoroughly for the past 6 months, nothing could have prepared me for the early mornings of pounding pavements, flapping through the local swimming pool and capturing some stunning 6am views with the help of extended bike rides before heading to work – it’s not all bad!

Looking Ahead

The next three weeks promise to be a little more forgiving in terms of covering large distances. With the marathon now complete, I’m enjoying 2 scheduled rest days before saddling up and returning to my exercise filled routine which runs somewhat sweetly along my day to day life at 9xb.

No doubt the combination of early nights, carbohydrates and kind words of motivation will see me through the remaining 374 miles, at least, that’s what I’m counting on! I’m sure the lovely team here at 9xb will help with pushing me through the final painful stages, whilst their amazing donations have definitely given me something to run for! Wish me luck!

Check out my blog for more information: http://500milesinmay.co.uk.