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AMP Your Content

We first wrote a blog about Google’s AMP programme back in May, their AMP (accelerated mobile pages) programme continues to go from strength to strength. If you search for any news story you will see AMP articles at the the top of SERPs, which is a clear incentive for publishers to use them. They are fast loading and benefit readership and user engagement.

AMP technology is now being used outside of news publishers and has been found to be well suited to ecommerce, entertainment, travel, recipe sites and so on. Slow landing pages in ecommerce often prompts basket abandonment as well as reduced page browsing.

Google reported that there are over 150 million AMP docs within their index, with over 4 million being introduced weekly. Take a look yourself from a mobile device by navigating to Search for ‘french toast recipe’ for example, and see how AMP provides a speedier reading experience on mobile.

If AMP is something you wish to implement get in touch with our team today.