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Christmas is Coming - Are You Prepared?

Christmas, without doubt, is one of the most important times of the year for business and can be the difference between success and failure for a lot of companies for whom it represents peak season.

Summer may only just be ending and autumn approaching fast but this is the time to be ready with your Christmas campaigns.

Show Loyalty to Existing Customers
It is all well and good sending countless email campaigns to your customer database but with the internet being overwhelmed with retailers flogging countless products it is worth investing time and thought into methods of actually closing a sale. There is no better way of encouraging a customer who has been uhm-ing and ahh-ing by offering them a fantastic discount. It is also essential that the journey to converting for your potential customers is as convenient as can be in order for them to not only part with their cash, but to part with their cash on your site.

Optimise Mobile and Tablet Experience
It is thought that just over a quarter of the UK’s population opt out of high street shopping for the stress free comfort of shopping on their devices from home. With over half of Brits now owning a tablet and increasingly favouring online shopping, retailers face more competition that ever before, so mobile and tablet optimisation is essential.

Keep A Close Eye on Your Competitors
Driving customers to your site is only half of the battle, keeping them there and interested is a whole other game, especially compared to loyalty schemes in store. Online the notion of loyalty turns much more complex particularly as savvy customers browse the web for the best price. You will be familiar with the term ‘window shopping’ where a consumer looks around with no real intention to buy, online we have ‘showrooming’- this is when a consumer examines a product in store but will then purchase from a different retailer online at a lower price. To overcome this, retailers need to make sure they are ahead of their competition, in price and by providing customers with their outstanding brand experience which will help keep them in the fore front of the customers’ minds in December.

Multi-Channel Campaigns Deliver Highest ROI
Re-targeting ads are advised to use all year round but at Christmas they are a definite must. They give retailers the opportunity to remarket items consumers have previously browsed, this is the online version of an in store sales assistant asking if a visiting customer needs any help in finding items in store. By ensuring retargeting ads are presented in a relevant, uninstructive way, online retailers can offer customers information they want to see and can also remind them of products sold by the brand. This phase is key to driving sales so retailers should concentrate on retargeting customers who have browsed but not bought by promoting an offer that is too irresistible to ignore. On average only 2% of consumers convert straight away, retargeting ads help remind potential customers about your brand in hope that some of the 98% revisit your site and convert.

It may only be September, but in retail terms Christmas is here, so by tailoring marketing to customers with regards to their shopping habits and innovating to execute standout campaigns, retailers can ensure they are providing top of the range brand experience to their market. In return, they should see their Christmas sales sparkle!