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Conversational Search A Game Changer

As a company, brand and perhaps the internet’s biggest influencer, Google have certainly earned their stripes in terms of providing innovative additions to their Chrome web browser. The latest addition to what is now the most used browser on the web is a voice search feature, referred to as conversational search.

Personal Touches

Google continues to add unique personalisation by paying close attention to our individual search habits, so it comes as no surprise that the search engine heavyweight has added this feature to our online experiences.

Perhaps most comparable to Apple’s ‘Siri’, conversational search does what it says on the tin – allows you to have a ‘conversation’ with Google related to your specific search query.

Brought to life in May after a Google conference demonstration, conversational search promises to add a new dimension to everyday internet browsing, encouraging users to verbally engage with the search engine, resulting in the generation of accurate results accrued from around the web being read back to you.

However being the search engine industry leader, Google has made sure that this new method of web search doesn’t stop there. Google now allows you to continue the ‘conversation’ using pronouns, whilst even being able to remove the original search term or main subject of your search, for example:

Before now, we have relied on ‘previous query’ by Google to influence the results that we see based on former searches, making searching for things like location-relevant accommodation and restaurants hassle-free and efficient.

Google’s latest addition takes this to the next level though, allowing us to interact with the search engine to bring us more accurate results without constantly reminding Google of our main topic of interest.

A New Era of Search?

So can we expect conversational search to become the norm for those with access to the latest version of Google Chrome and a microphone? Although it’s likely to take our search experiences to another level, perhaps not to the entire internet surfing demographic will be transfixed by its power straight away.

I say this for a simple reason, and this is that not everyone wants to talk and converse with their laptop and PC, or even mobile device and tablet. Although voice search and Apple’s Siri has now been available for some time, research from Phone Arena suggests that Siri is largely used for making calls and sending texts, but very little else – does this suggest for Google’s latest browser addition is destined to fail?

The question is will conversational search encourage us to make this leap towards voice search?

For the time being, it’s unlikely. This feature is still in its early stages, and will certainly require a few adjustments before its use becomes the norm ahead of typing our search terms. Time will tell if Google have finally managed to crack the voice search market.

With search engines and SEO continuing to advance and change, we’re relishing the prospect of stepping into a new era of search.

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