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Designing For Success

When a visitor lands on your website you have, on average, 0.2 seconds to impress them. Displaying a clear succinct message, with good typography will communicate to visitors who you are, what you are offering and where they should go next.

No matter what your website goals are, there are certain designs that can help conversions, but careful, there are also design mistakes that reduce the chance of a visitor converting. Without prominent calls to actions you may impress aesthetically but fail in guiding them to what you want them to do next. Always ensure CTA buttons are sized and positioned where they cannot be missed.

Minimal design is like a friendly hello to visitors who may not yet know your brand. Try not to overwhelm them with chaotic designs and information overload. What is the least amount of information you can give that will leave visitors wanting to know more?

Try to avoid stock images where possible, you could risk looking unprofessional, irrelevant, cheesy and sometimes they can be low in quality. Not to mention you risk using the same image as someone else. There is a lot to be said about image quality and how it affects conversion. The same applies to video. Video and moving pictures can help move product, 80% of millennials watch video to aid their purchase decisions.

Ensure your site is easy to navigate with categories well organised and clickable. Don’t give them fancy names, they need to be understood by everyone and specific to what they click through to.

Aim to intrigue visitors rather than overwhelming them with what you have to offer. By reducing the number of steps visitors have to take before parting with their cash, eliminates ‘decision fatigue’. Too many choices and too much information can cause a frustrating and often stressful experience resulting in visitors leaving your site before taking an action.

Lastly trust markers, testimonials and case studies help to reassure customers about your brand and website. By displaying these in the footer or through the checkout process will give them peace of mind you are a trustworthy site.

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