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App Design Tips To Guarantee User Engagement

In an already crowded market competition continues to grow, making it harder for brands to attract new customers and gain loyalty. It is suggested that a quarter of app users open an app once and never return. How can you stand out to deliver value and win over customers by making them want return? By developing an app with a great design and user experience.

By applying the following principles, you can help to guarantee user engagement with your app:


  • Place clear call to actions up front and central to help engage your users straight away.
  • Organise and name menu categories clearly and ensure they are finger friendly.
  • Always give the option to go back a step without having to come out of the app to start again, this will help to avoid user frustration. 
  • Users can get impatient if an app redirects them to the website to complete a task or to view more information. If this is unavoidable you need to ensure the transition is consistent in design and that page loading speed is fast.

Search Options

  • Users with a specific need will look for a search box. Ensure that your search box is predominately placed in order to avoid user frustration. 
  • When featuring a search option ensure that result options are useful. Also include helpful functions such as; auto correction, predicative text and recognition of keywords. These functions can also help reduce user error.
  • When search results load it is helpful to the user by giving them the option to sort and filter the results. Users can then easily organise and narrow down the results further giving a better chance they will find what they were searching for.

User Friendly Forms

  • If a user needs to enter a phone number, only show the number keyboard.
  • Ensure form fields are not obstructed when the keyboard is active.
  • When a user completes one field automatically advance each field up the screen.

Journey To Conversion

  • You can save users time by providing their previous search results and any purchase history.
  • Feature user reviews, these can help with conversion as it gives prospective customers more confidence when they can see other user feedback. 
  • Integrate third party payment options such as Paypal and Apple Pay, so users can avoid having to fill out any additional information, in order to guarantee a quick sale. They can also provide a sense of security.

Marketers are keen to improve app user experience due the shift in consumer behaviour. More than ever people are engaging with their phones in micro moments that matter. Their experience needs to be efficient and deliver on their I-want-to-know, I-want-to-buy, and I-want-to-do moments. If you currently have an app, or are looking to create one, please get in touch to discuss where we can help.

It may be that an app is not what you require but you still want to deliver great user experience over mobile. Check out our previous blog on Ensuring Great Mobile UX.