Digital Fix - April 2016 | 9xb Digital Agency

Digital Fix - April 2016

Amazon Web Services

Technical Director, Ben Aylott, gives us some insight into Amazon Web Services, including comparisons to other cloud host providers, AWS's performance, benefits you will see and other useful services that are on offer with AWS. Read more >

Beware! Is Your Site Unencrypted?

Google plans to highlight websites that are not encrypted as part of its campaign to improve browser security.

The search giant plans to flag sites that aren't served over HTTPS by showing the padlock marked with a red X. This change will draw even more attention to websites that are potentially unsecure. Read more >

Decline Of The TV-Centric Living Room

TV was once the focal point of living rooms nationwide. It has slowly become background media as attentions turn to connected devices.

Only 50% of online adults report that their TV is still the focal point of the living room, whilst 70% state that they use a connected device whilst watching TV. Read more >

App Design Tips To Guarantee User Engagement

Are you struggling to get users engaging with you app? We have put together some simple design tips to help guarantee user engagement and return visits. These tips include clear navigation, helpful search options and user friendly forms. Read more >