Digital Fix - December 2015 | 9xb Digital Agency

Digital Fix - December 2015

Micro Moments That Matter

Micro moments are 'in the moment' opportunities where users dip in and out to collect information when something is at the top of their mind. They are bite size actions that help the consumer plan the next steps in their journey to conversion.?

As micro moments happen in real time they have broken the traditional user journey into hundreds of on the go, intent driven moments. We all do it. We fill voids with them, or pass the time whilst queuing. We even do it when commuting, walking or laying down to rest. Read more >


Reach Your Audience Via YouTube In 2016

Today's consumers are constantly on the go. Video ads are ideal for reaching fast paced consumers as they are extremely mobile friendly, simple to embed and easy to share across social media. This provides a window for viral marketing, viewers continually cycle and share videos with friends, colleagues and family members - thus creating a ripple effect as the video keeps getting shared.

YouTube can be an effective way to introduce customers to your products and help convert sales in a way other social platforms may not. Read more > 


Our Predictions For 2016

We can't predict the future, but we do want to share our predictions in digital for 2016. In no particular order:

  • Rise In Ad Blockers - Already 20% of UK online users have ad blockers enabled, this figure is set to rise even higher throughout 2016.

  • Web Push Notifications - Simple, effective ways in which you can engage with visitors to your website, even if there are browsing a different site.

  • Online Advertising Pricing Set To Increase - It is basic economics, an increase in demand inevitably brings an increase in price.

  • Google's Free Features To Be Monetised - Our prediction is Google Local Listings. If this becomes a paid option there could be a lot more Google could offer businesses to further optimise their listings.

  • Video Advertising Will Dominate - As this trend continues to become more and more popular, expect to see video ads popping up in unexpected places!

  • Interactive Content - If you want to stand out from your competitors in 2016, interactive content is the way to do it. It is much more engaging, easier to digest and can typically harvest more backlinks that some of the best written articles.

  • Pay To Play - Without paying for content to be published it only shows to a very limited audience. By paying you can create custom audiences where your content is properly distributed, therefore increasing your market share.

  • Personalised Interaction With Each Customer - Ensure you enrich your customers overall user experience by putting things in place like, sending abandoned cart messages, recommending products, emulating conversation with a product expert and sending transactional emails.?

To read our predictions in full please click here.


Wishing You All A Very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

The 9xb Team