Digital Fix - February 2016 | 9xb Digital Agency

Digital Fix - February 2016

Are You Prepared For Ad Blocking?

Users are tired of non-relevant ads cluttering up their screens, so it comes as no surprise that ad blocking continues to grow.

Whilst ad blocking is not having a huge impact just yet on the majority of campaigns, widespread instalment of ad blockers will change the world of digital marketing. This change could well be for the better, however as it will force brands and marketers to be more creative in generating messages that better integrate with their user experience and directly relate to their target audience. Read More >

Location Based Marketing

It is important to meet mobile user expectations with the right placement and timing of adverts and ad messaging. By using the power of real time location, marketers can finally stop the guesswork and efficiently reach the right audience based on the actual places they visit, in turn influencing where they will go next. Creating ads that feature location messaging and proximity targeting can drive an increase consumer engagement. Read More >

The Importance Of Testing & QA

To 9xb, quality is paramount. Bug free sites keep everyone happy from the client through to the 9xb team. Testing and QA helps to minimise any rework which can be expensive and inefficient. With complex sites, bugs are inevitable but with the correct procedures and software in place, bugs and errors can be caught immediately before any damage is done. Read More>

How To Prepare A Website Brief

We get enquiries daily from businesses who want a new website developing. If you are planning on a new build it is important before approaching an agency that you have a detailed website brief prepared. This brief can help in achieving deliverables you require. Not to mention, it will save time and budget if your objectives are clear from the outset. Read More>

Penguin Due To 'Go Live' in Q1

Google's Webmaster Trends Analyst, Gary Illyes, recently mentioned on Twitter that the next Penguin update is due to roll out within weeks. At the very latest, it should launch by the end of this quarter! Read More>