Digital Fix - January 2016 | 9xb Digital Agency

Digital Fix - January 2016

Ensuring Great Mobile UX

Mobile user experience should be no different to that of user experience on a desktop, they are both equally important, but it is becoming an increasingly crucial feature when it comes to the digital landscape. It can intensify how the user feels and thinks about your product, so by making it valuable, easy to use and effective, can benefit you and your target market.

If your mobile app/site is confusing, slow and frustrating to use then it is providing a poor UX and users will uninstall or close the window in a heartbeat and most likely not return.
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Choosing An Ecommerce Platform

As ecommerce grows, it also grows in complexity. It is vital that retailers invest both time and budget to develop the best in class ecommerce site. Before choosing an ecommerce platform there are several important factors to research and consider. Start by developing a business case with sales and financial forecasts and consider where ecommerce fits into your sales strategy. 
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Programmatic vs. Direct Media

Marketers all have one common goal: to connect with the right people in the moments that matter. Depending on whether you choose direct media buying or programmatic, ultimately the result is the same; you are paying to place your ad on a publisher's site. Each approach has its pros and cons so we have compared a few characteristics of the two purchasing options to help explain the difference.
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