Digital Fix - June 2016 | 9xb Digital Agency

Digital Fix - June 2016

Can your Site Perform Under High Traffic Pressure?

Knowing how your website performs under pressure is important, stress testing can highlight any application or hosting issues that occur when your site is placed under extreme pressure. If your website cannot cope and causes any site failure, this can result in the loss of sales, user frustration and overall damage to your brand.  Read more >

Why is Cross Device Conversion Tracking Important?

Cross device conversion tracking can help you better attribute how often cross device sales or leads take place. Why is this important though? By having this information it enables you to strengthen your marketing strategies, therefore increasing the success of your campaign which overall helps to achieve your business objectives. Read more >

Focus on Business Objectives Using Digital Campaign Marketing

9xb's Digital Marketing Manager, Mark, explains the benefits of running digital marketing campaigns and how they can help keep focus on your business objectives. Read more >

9xb Sponsor Bed Race Team in Local Event

Congratulations to the 9xb sponsored Bed Race Team who completed Knaresborough's famous Bed Race securing 24th place out of 90 teams. The team helped to raise over £5,000 in support of a local man and his family following a debilitating stroke. Well done guys! Read more >