Digital Fix - May 2016 | 9xb Digital Agency

Digital Fix - May 2016

Increase User Activity With in Browser Push Notifications

Push notifications were rolled out by Apple for mobile users, the notifications proved highly successful in getting users to engage (278% increase). So it comes as no surprise that push notifications have made it onto browsers.
Are browser push notifications something your users could benefit from? We can help you implement, segment and deliver a push notification campaign fully in tune with each of your prospective customers. Read more >

Flash Sale Fatigue

The economic recession is partly to blame for both the increased popularity and the ultimate plateau of the flash sale business model. Retailers who specialised in attracting bargain buyers during the recession initially reaped the awards, but now as consumer financial circumstances continue to improve and the economy becomes healthier, flash sale sites are struggling to retain these consumers. Read more >

Google To Boost Mobile Friendly Algorithm

Google announced they are going to boost the effects of the mobile friendly algorithm which launched last year in April. The update will increase the effect of the mobile friendly ranking signal.
If you want to check is your site is mobile friendly, use Google's free tool and read their guidelines. Read more >

AMP - How To Adapt Your Content

With Google hot on the heels of mobile friendly pages now is the time to adapt your content to accelerated mobile pages. By adapting to AMP you will improve user experience which can prevent user frustration which in turn can lower your average page bounce rate. Read more >