Digital Fix - November 2015 | 9xb Digital Agency

Digital Fix - November 2015

Google Confirm Penguin Update

Google confirmed earlier this month that they will roll out a Penguin update before the end of the year. The update will see the switch to a 'real-time' Penguin, meaning website rankings will be downgraded instantly for attempting to unscrupulously manipulate search engine rankings. Read more >

Apps vs Responsive

Interest has started to build again, re-igniting the much debated battle of apps vs responsive. But how do you know if you should design a responsive site that works across all devices or just focus on building an app?

What may seem tricky at first can actually become straightforward if you focus on your objective. For example, if your a business that offers useful digital tools or utilities that your customers use regularly, an app would be ideal. But if your objective is to offer all of your content to the widest audience possible then a responsive site would be best. Read more >

Social Advertising

Google is no longer the only serious player for PPC, the search giant is seeing fierce competition from the likes of Facebook who offer in-stream advertising on social media.

The biggest difference between Google and Facebook is search intent. Those searching on Google are looking for something specific, whereas Facebook users are shown ads as they browse based upon their interest. Read more >

Q&A: Ben Aylott, Technical Director

Have you thought about cloud hosting for your business? Worried about security risks involved? Maybe you want to trial cloud hosting on a short term basis but are unsure about costs involved.

Technical Director Ben Aylott has answered a few FAQ's we receive here at 9xb to help you understand how your business could benefit from cloud hosting. Read more >