Digital Fix - October 2015 | 9xb Digital Agency

Digital Fix - October 2015

Battle of 'The Last Mile'

With users of Click & Collect expected to increase from 35% to 82% over the next four years, the popular delivery option is looking likely to be the long term solution to the 'last mile'.

Click & Collect benefits both retailer and consumer. For consumers it is flexible for picking up their goods. With retailers it reduces their fulfilment overheads by removing the cost of home deliveries.

Many retailers offer the service for free which drives consumers instore, resulting in incremental spend. Something which cannot be achieved with a home delivery.

As well as Click & Collect, many retailers are offering the option of Collect+. Collect+ allows consumers to choose where and when they want to collect or return goods, with over 5,800 locations. 90% of UK residents are within one mile of a Collect+ location and the majority of these are open 'early till late', seven days a week which is even more convenient for consumers and couriers.

Today's consumers want the ease of buying their products with the guarantee their item will be ready for them to collect at their convenience and free of cost. 

Don't Keep Your Customers Waiting

Consumers spend more time using their devices than they do sleeping, so the demand for faster loading websites is increasing every day.

Amazon calculate for every 100 milliseconds it takes to load a page costs them 1% in sales. Google discovered that an extra half second in the generation of their search pages dropped traffic by 20%.

We use the latest technology and techniques to optimise the speed of our client's websites. For example, one of our client's average page load time was 0.9 seconds, we reduced this to just 0.3. This resulted in the total number of pages viewed increasing by 2.4%.

Latency matters. Today's consumers want the best products at the best prices - and they want them now. Slow sites result in poor performance and consistently frustrating users could end up actually damaging your brand.

'Tis The Season…

Christmas campaigns are well underway – here's our top tips for success.

  • Just over a quarter of the UK shop online at home from their mobile device, so it's essential that your site's user journeys are fully optimised for mobile and tablet.
  • Well executed email campaigns deliver sales, but they must be targeted, relevant and add value to your customers.
  • Retargeting ads will keep you and your products front of mind. This is key to driving sales, particularly from visitors who have yet to buy. But make sure your offer is too irresistible to ignore.
  • Online the notion of loyalty becomes more complex. To overcome 'showrooming' retailers need to be ahead of competitors on price and ensure customers receive an outstanding brand experience. Service matters to your customers, so don't let them down.

How Will Apple Pay Impact Retailers?

Apple Pay is a payment service allowing consumers to pay via the Touch ID feature. There is nothing more annoying than having to get up and grab your wallet before making a purchase. Apple Pay takes that frustration away by allowing consumers to pay with their fingerprint which not only brings convenience and speed, but also tighter security.

It not only benefits consumers but retailers too. It eradicates the need to optimise conversion at each step of the consumer checkout process. With many options like Paypal and Amazon Payments, competition is fierce, which goes in favour for retailers as they may be able to reap the benefits of decreased fees. Apple Pay's Touch ID led the way to its lower ("Credit Card Present") processing fees, these savings could be passed down to retailers. 

Apple made the assumption however, that consumers would be opposed to them collecting information on their purchases. They may have missed a trick here, it will be interesting to see if this will change in the future.