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Don't Keep Your Customers Waiting

In a world where consumers spend more time using their devices than they do sleeping, the demand for faster loading websites is increasing every day.

With instant access to an almost limitless choice, consumers are the ones who hold the power. Making them wait just a fraction longer than they expect, can be the difference between them choosing your competitors over you.

Even the mighty Amazon calculated that, for every 100 milliseconds it took to load a page on their site, it cost them 1% in sales. And Google discovered that an extra half second in the generation of their search pages dropped traffic by 20%.

These may well be giant brands but speed matters, regardless of the logo at the top of the page. A recent review for our client Anibase, whose website manages the details of over 5 million pets and their owners, saw us reduce the average page load time from 0.9 seconds to just 0.3. This resulted in the total number of pages viewed on the Anibase website increasing by 2.4%.

9xb use the latest technology and techniques to optimise the speed of our clients websites including:

  • Image optimisation
  • Device specific layouts
  • Optimised code with reduced server requests
  • Prioritising visible content
  • File compression
  • A platform which is continually optimised for speed

We continually monitor metrics, such as response time, on every site we build. Not just focussing on the homepage but every page on the site. We also operate a comprehensive alert system, ensuring developers are notified immediately should the performance of any of our clients sites fall below predetermined levels.

Latency matters. Today’s consumers want the best products at the best prices - and they want them now. Slow sites result in poor performance and consistently frustrating users could end up actually damaging your brand.