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eWallet Integration & Social Login

For consumers, nothing is more frustrating that having to fill out numerous fields in order to checkout. It is no wonder up to 97% of shoppers abandon their shopping baskets when faced with these fields. By integrating an ewallet into your website, such as Google Wallet, Amazon Wallet or Paypal, you provide your shoppers an easy, hassle free checkout experience without them having to manually enter their payment information. Furthermore, it eliminates errors and typos when consumers enter their information on small touchscreens.

There are benefits for the retailers too:

  • A faster checkout process reduces the amount of cart abandonments, leading to higher conversion rates totalling in higher revenue for your business.
  • All devices are supported, so consumers can checkout on desktop, mobile, tablet etc..
  • eWallet mobile optimisation ensures your customers’ user experience is superior, even if your site isn’t optimised for mobile.

Social Login allows your website visitors to create an account by logging into their social media account. Using an API (application program interface) enables a connection to the user’s social media account and automatically pulls in all relevant data required to register an account on your site. All the users need to do is click ‘sign in with Facebook’, if there is further information required that their social media account doesn’t hold they simply add to those fields.

Although Social Login is a great tool for increasing the amount of new subscribers to your website, it shouldn’t be the only option to register. Always give the option to manually sign up too.

There are many benefits to integrating social login on your website:

  • Sites that have Social Login options have increased numbers of subscribers.
  • Using Social Login provides quick and easy registration to your visitors
  • Provides permission based access to the users’ first party identity data
  • Allows you to start delivering personalised experiences