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Improving Adwords Performance

Google’s innovative mind set and drive to offer more choice to its users from both a business and domestic side is continually evolving and expanding. This has been proven with the latest Google Adwords update, enhanced, with the addition of flexible bidding strategies and more targeting options.

Amongst the many useful and clever features that Google Adwords has to offer though, the range of different product extensions that are available to use are among the most effective.

Below is a list of all the current ad extensions that are available to attach to ads amongst the search network:

  • Call Extensions
  • Location Extensions
  • Offer Extensions
  • Sitelink Extensions
  • Social Extensions
  • Dynamic Search Ad Extensions
  • App Extensions
  • Customer Review Extensions

These all offer different uses and can be a big contributing factor to achieving the main aim of Paid Search campaigns, increasing conversions and traffic. This article will focus on the three most common yet powerful extensions.

Call Extensions

Call extensions, albeit quite self-explanatory allow an advertiser to display a phone number alongside their ad, giving the customer an extra call to action that doesn’t necessary involve continuing down the online route. Especially useful for mobile devices or those who are pushed for time, supplying a phone call to the ad gives the customer an alternative to carrying out an enquiry or purchase online.

With the latest upgrade to ‘Enhanced’ campaigns, more control has been given to advertisers over monitoring call tracking via the implementation of a Google Forwarding Tracking Tool. This generates a random phone number per ad for each customer and is redirected to the business number via Google’s internal infrastructure.

Call extensions are necessity for any Google Adwords user, allowing advertisers to track sales and leads via phone calls and showing the client a greater ROI, the key aim of any marketing campaign, The enhanced update introduced a new measure of control for advertisers too.

Legacy restricted call extensions to campaign level but it is now possible to apply these to individual adgroups.

A very useful feature if your business has multiple locations or telephone centres.

Location Extensions

Although the generation of millennial’s are avid online buyers, there is still a large sector of consumers that like the real experience of seeing and feeling exactly what they are getting. This doesn’t mean however that Adword advertiser’s should discard them from their target consumers, as with the location extension, one can reach both types of consumers. Location extensions allow you to attach an address with a link to Google maps to make it easy for the more traditional consumer to locate the physical store, offering yet another call to action for your consumers.

If you are also using a social extension such as Google +, Google Adwords will be able to link the two together and use your address supplied in Google + as your location extension and linking in up to your Google Places listing.

Sitelink Extensions

Finally, the most important extension in my opinion is the sitelink extension.

Choice is everything for your consumers and sitelink extensions provide this choice as they act essentially as mini ads within your main ad. Allowing the advertiser to add up to 6 extensions without descriptions or 4 with descriptions, the ability to direct your customer to more than 1 landing page is a crucial element to making the users search even more relevant.

Whilst there are strict policies on how these can be applied, they are worth the extra scrutiny under Google’s watchful eye as they are known to help increase click through rates quite significantly, a handy quick fix for many advertisers. Whilst Sitelink extensions were available on legacy campaigns they were somewhat restricted, unlike Enhanced campaigns however where you can add 2 lines of descriptive text to each sitelink extension.

The main benefit of the addition of descriptions is that if you are ranking 1st with competitors below, 4 site links with descriptive text can actually push the 3rd and sometimes 2nd competitor on to the right hand side, allowing you to dominate the number 1 ad rank.


What’s best is that all of these extra functions are free to use, so no extra investment is needed to improve your Paid Search performance apart from a little time.

Another advantage all of these extensions have in common is that the more extensions you add, the more of the top rank space your ads will take up and push your competitors onto the ‘dark side’ of the page.

If you haven’t upgraded already and aren’t taking advantage of these new features, then you are already behind your competitors and losing out on crucial conversions.