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From Desktop to Mobile: Eddisons and Bradford Theatres Adapt to User Preferences

Last year, our Mobile and Applications Developer Chris Bell told us just how significant the mobile web is becoming to all brands and companies in his excellent guide to mobile strategy.  With 2013 upon us, it’s safe to say that the trend of increased mobile internet use continues as businesses look to seek methods in which they can outreach to the mobile market via the use of apps, or specifically tailored mobile websites. This is exactly what Eddisons Chartered Surveyors and Bradford Theatres decided to task 9xb and our expert developers with.  The objective being the creation of a user-friendly interface, combined with fast downloads in the form of a perfectly crafted mobile version of their desktop sites.  And it’s safe to say, the results are good…

Eddisons Chartered Surveyors

In their business sector, Eddisons found that a high percentage of their website visitors came from mobile devices, with potential buyers requiring immediate access during auctions or property viewings.  For this reason, the client wished to incorporate the requirement for a mobile site into their website build brief for 9xb.

Wish Granted

Once created, Eddisons mobile site offered impressive download speeds due its cleverly reduced size, using a number of industry tips and tricks utilised by our experienced and talented designers.  Minifying the use of CSS and JavaScript in combination with intelligent use of file compression resulted in the mobile site being a staggering 96% quicker than the desktop version when accessed by a mobile device. The homepage alone sees a reduction from 45 to 10 HTTP requests, with a notable size drop from 1.5MB down to an impressive 64.1KB.  This means that mobile networks have considerably less data to process during the download of the selected web page, and therefore the site can be loaded at a much faster rate. Because mobile networks can process significantly less data than that of our desktop connections, a mobile site needs to be as small as possible in order to achieve the fastest loading times.  This leads to the compression of images and script files, which in the case of the Eddisons site, means that the load times are notably quicker than their main competitors:

  • Right Move: 52% slower than Eddisons
  • Zoopla: 369% slower than Eddisons
  • Prime Location: 393% slower than Eddisons

In addition, the mobile site incorporates some impressive features including the use of GPS on property search, touch-to-call links, optimised screen readability as well as comprehensive tracking – allowing Eddisons to record the number of phone calls generated, amongst other useful stats. The simplified design and custom home screen icon means that this site is not only incredibly fast, it also provides a near-app feel for the best user experience possible.  All in all, this super-fast yet smoothly stylish site provides Eddisons with the perfect digital offering for their wide range of mobile users across the UK.

Bradford Theatres

Although Bradford Theatres’ requirements differed from those of Eddisons, they still shared one distinct requirement – a faster, user-friendly site for their continuously growing number of mobile users.  They too required a mobile site that was considerably smaller in size than their desktop alternative, and also maintained the attractive and stylish nature of the main site, without sacrificing design or functionality.


Again, 9xb transformed a relatively large site which had a heavy 68 HTTP requests (1MB) on the homepage alone, down to a much more manageable one of 8 requests (39KB) for mobile networks.  This made the mobile site much quicker than the desktop alternative for all users accessing the site from a mobile device. As Bradford Theatres are strong believers in accessibility, 9xb ensured that the mobile site fits to any screen size, whilst also offering a zoom feature for visually impaired users – a feature often overlooked during the designing process. A combination of highly skilled developers and on-going project management means that these projects have been hugely successful for both our clients and 9xb.  Mobile sites adapted into masterpieces, whilst clients appreciate attractive and functional sites to launch their businesses into the mobile world.