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Get a Competitive 'Edge'

In July 2015, Microsoft unveiled Edge as the next generation successor to Internet Explorer. Since then, the browser has been lauded for its impressive speed and performance, its simplicity in design and its accessible feel for users.

Edge’s praise has been underpinned by its standards compliance and new features such as the integration of Cortana, Windows 10’s personal assistant, which has seen it go from strength to strength.

As an upshot, Edge has earned an admirable 4.4% share of the browser market in its first year, according to Netmarketshare. As future growth will be linked to Windows 10’s share of the OS market, which currently stands at 22.99% following record levels of usage in August, it’s clear that Edge will become increasingly more popular with consumers.

This rapid rise to prominence suggests that companies and clients alike should be ready for the rising tide of users hitting their sites through this fast and lightweight browser - if indeed they are not doing so already.

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