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Google Announce End To On-Site Search

Given the value placed on on-site search by many leading ecommerce experts, this news has caused quite a stir.

Digital marketing statistics specialists Econsultancy, for example, regularly promote the benefits of on-site search reporting that people who use it are more likely to purchase as they are shopping with purpose.
And according to a Forrester Research report, 43% of site visitors “navigate immediately to the search box, while searchers are 2-3x more likely to convert” than those who don’t use search.
So why are the search giant pulling their product?
Many believe it's a commercial decision, and that they instead are opting to promote their 'free' ad supported version. Others predict a replacement is on the cards.
Whatever the reason, site search remains hugely important, with the majority of shoppers (specifically mobile device users) preferring to use it rather than site navigation.
With that in mind, it's important that this news doesn't cause on-site search to be overlooked and that ecommerce businesses using Google's soon to be defunct solution, start work on finding an alternative.
There are many alternatives to Google Site Search, from free to use models to fully bespoke solutions. For help finding the right one for you, give us a call today.