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Google Expanded Text Ads Are Live

Google have rolled out expanded text ads (ETAs). The days of frustrating text ad writing may well be behind us with double headline space. From late October this year, standard text ads will no longer be available to create or upload. Google have not yet set a date as to when standard ads will no longer run but our advice is to update your adverts now and beat your competitors to SERPs space.

ETAs include two headlines, each with up to 30 characters and up to 80 characters description text. The extra characters were specifically designed to give mobile users more information; this further detail cited an average CTR increase of 20%.

Something to be aware of however, the second headline can truncate on desktop if Google doesn’t wrap the headline. Google suggest using a total of 33 characters to avoid headlines being cut off. By using the preview tool whilst creating your ads,you can see how they will appear before launching them.

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