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Google Turns Down Maps v2

If your website is still using version two of the Google Maps JavaScript API, come November 19th, you may start to experience problems as Google will have turned down their service.

Although turning down the service isn’t quite turning it off, it’s close. Applications requesting the service will find Google serving a wrapped version of their third API. This means that Google will attempt to automatically migrate requests from applications using version two to version three. It’s expected this will work for most simple maps, those being just a pin in a map but more complex uses of the API will more than likely find their applications no longer work as expected, if at all, and they should follow the migration process Google have already planned out.

It’s easy to check if your website will be affected by this turn down. Simply open your website in a the web browser of your choice and right click on the page. Select “View source” from the context menu that will appear and you’ll be presented with the HTML code of your site. Press the ‘CTRL’ and ‘F’ buttons together to perform a search in the code and check for any occurrence of If this is found, you’ll be able to see a string of parameters following a question mark, for example If you can spot v=2 then it means you’re using the old API and should consider upgrading.