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Google Unleashes Hummingbird Update

After being launched close to a month ago, Hummingbird is the first major upgrade Google has unleashed on their search engine in three years, and as expected, it’s set to affect a huge 90% of our search results.

The upgrade aims to improve the way the search engine interprets users’ search requests, with a significant focus on complex queries and long tail phrases.

The search giant’s most recent presentation insisted that the new algorithm will create a more natural search with conversational interactions with the search engine – a particular benefit for those using the search speech functionality found on mobile phones, the latest smart watches and a range of other wearable technology.

Hummingbird’s primary focus is delivering increasingly intelligent search requests, rather than targeting a better ranking and indexing of websites, which the previous update, Caffeine, largely focussed upon.

Increasing Conversational Search

This continues Google’s revolutionary plan of becoming increasingly interactive, allowing the search engine to achieve a better understanding of search terms, rather than processing them as a combination of simple words.

This in term will lead to more fluid interaction between the search engine and the user, continuing Google’s Knowledge Graph concept that was launched last year. Hummingbird was able to demonstrate its efficiency during Google’s presentation, with an executive utilising its power during a conversational search routine, with the topic being the Eiffel Tower.

This allowed the user to request pictures for the French landmark, before asking how tall it was, and even requesting pictures of its construction, all of which failed to cause fault within the search engine.

Happy Birthday Google!

Although some experts may question the latest algorithm update’s immediate impact, including Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan, Google will undoubtedly be confident of Hummingbird’s success, which will largely be influenced by the increase of smartphone and smart watch usage.

News came of the latest algorithm update days before Google celebrated its 15th birthday, of course complete with birthday related Doodle last Friday. See below for Google search expert, Amit Singhal outlining his vision for Google Search…