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How To Be A King Of Content

It’s been known for some time now that search engines consider content to be king – lovely, sparkling, fresh bot fodder to be more precise.  But what elements should your content include to ensure that it gets Google’s royal seal of approval?  And more importantly, how can we create high quality content that will improve a particular site’s rankings and increase traffic? Google appreciates content because it is, in theory, both informative and helpful.  It should also go without saying that your content should be grammatically correct and free from intensive keyword stuffing – good, honest copy, no commercial purpose, and no hidden catches.  Perfect. However, for copywriters that are looking to include a backlink to their client’s website, this is far from ideal.  After all; as much as we love to write, there is generally a purpose behind it - something to promote or discuss.  Whether we are looking to raise awareness of a brand or perhaps highlight exciting features of a new product, there should be method behind the madness.

Striking a Balance

In order to produce effective SEO content, you must ensure that it is entertaining and/or informative and about a popular subject.  Taking this approach will maximise the chances of your content being shared by visitors via their social channels, which will hopefully attract more visitors – the ultimate copywriting goal. Placement of the backlink to your website should be at the bottom of your priority list when it comes to crafting a new piece of content.  If you fall into the trap of prioritising your backlink or focussing on a particular keyword, it will often cloud your creative vision.  Hello declining rankings, goodbye site visitors and potential customers.  Your content will always flow better if you set aside keywords and backlinks to concentrate on the writing process.  Get the content right first; then worry about where the backlink will go and whether you can naturally squeeze in a keyword or two.

Creating a Content Masterpiece

Without getting overly emotional, it all begins with trust.  Trust between client and copywriter, but most importantly, trust between copywriter and visitors.  In order to gain the trust of a visitor and engage them, a good copywriter must inject a little individuality into what they’re writing.  A few personal touches here and there serve to remind the reader that this content was written by a person - not a web robot just fishing for visits. Aside from a sense of personality, readers will also pick up on other factors of a website’s copy - honesty and expertise.  Although this doesn’t mean cluttering articles and blog posts full of confusing jargon, it does mean that a great deal of research needs to go into the creation of every piece of content.  Whether the copywriter is working on a client that sells dog toys, or home cinema systems; their understanding of the subject must be thorough.  A poorly researched piece of content will soon be spotted by a visitor who is knowledgeable in the particular area.  And if they choose to highlight any inaccuracies via a comments box, or through social media channels, the copywriter can be left red-faced.  More importantly, the visitors’ trust in your client’s website will be jeopardised.

Fresh Meat

Google of course loves to feast of fresh content.  A website that is updated regularly is seen as a more trustworthy one - and rightly so.  After all, why would Google elect to rank an out-dated and static website over a constantly evolving one, which has fresh content pumping through it?

It is therefore essential to jump on topical subjects whilst they are still hot.  If you have an interesting or helpful angle on a story or problem that is in the news, then get busy writing about it as soon as you can whilst people still want to read and talk about it.  A good idea can soon go to waste if you put it on the back burner for a few days.

Measuring Popularity

The quality of content is measured the same way any product or media piece is – how much do people like it?  If there is one thing that we know Google appreciates, it is shares on the various social networks.  In fact, there isn’t a more natural link building technique than people talking about and sharing a brand or product amongst themselves.  ‘Liking’ on Facebook, ‘tweeting’ on Twitter, or just good old fashioned blogging from reputable sources is one of the best ways to promote a high quality piece of content. As always, content continues to be king.  Copy should be the life and soul of your website, so make sure you use it wisely.  Photo Credits: Kenyaboy7 and Tambako the Jaguar