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How To Communicate With Your Consumers In 2017

2016 was a fantastic year for Digital, not just here at 9xb but right across the industry. We saw campaigns reach impressive levels of success and brands becoming ever more aware of the importance of engaging with consumers effectively online.

So what about the next 12 months? We asked some of our clients how they will communicate with consumers in 2017.

Speaking of her plans for the coming year, Dee Ireland, UK Ecommerce Manager for Hi-Tec Sports said:

“In a sea of multi-million pound retailers in the outdoor industry, 2017 will have more focus on standing out from the crowd.”

“Like many brands, we can rarely compete with our retailers on price so it’s important for us to appeal to customers in other ways.”

Brands like Hi-Tec have recognised that to achieve this, they must work hard on their proposition and customer communication. As well as providing consumers with added value, Hi-Tec are working hard to find new and engaging ways to connect with their target audience.

Dee added:

“We need to have strong USPs which add value for customers who choose to purchase direct. From a simple and generous delivery and returns policy, to a personalised on-site experience and easily available help and advice. It’s also important for us to take a holistic approach to campaigns to ensure consistency in our messages and maximise our potential to be seen.”

“This will see us putting more focus on how we use our channels in sync with each other, rather than focusing on them as unrelated individual entities. On-site, SEO, PPC, Affiliate, Email and Social Media activity will all tie in more together to promote clear, strong messages.”

Michael Stein, Managing Director of leading homeware retailer Maxwell & Williams agrees that clear communication is key, saying:

“Keeping up with innovation in social media, ensuring we are communicating our proposition effectively with potential customers via their preferred channels is essential.”

Sandip Patel, Director of electronics retailer ASK Direct is also focussed on social, proclaiming:

“As our customer base evolves, we need to utilise the social tools available and provide a personal user experience for our customers whilst delivering appropriate content. Customers can engage with us whenever, wherever, and however they choose.”

Of course communication with consumers has always been key, but the ever changing landscape of digital marketing continues to offer brands new opportunities.

Realise your digital potential in 2017 by working with 9xb to create your unique digital marketing strategy and start communicating with your target audience more effectively today.