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Increase User Activity With In Browser Push Notifications

Push notifications in browser are still a relatively new marketing channel after. Originally, push notifications were rolled out by Apple for mobile users that engage with apps on their mobile devices. This re-engagement tool proved highly successful, with a reported 278% increase in user activity as a direct result of push notifications. So it comes as no surprise that push notifications have made it onto browsers. Have you engaged with any yet whilst using Chrome, Safari or Firefox?

What are browser push notifications?

They are real-time instant messages that allow you to communicate directly to your subscribers in a succinct way. These messages are sent once a visitor has allowed push notification subscription on your website. When they do they will receive in browser notifications from you, even when they are not necessarily on your site at that time.

How do visitors subscribe?

When a visitor lands on your site they get a pop up asking if they wish to subscribe to Push Notifications, like the following example:

Once the user confirms subscription they are added to the subscribers list within your CMS. Within the CMS you can create and send a notification to all your subscriber, they will get the notification as long as the browser is running in the background.

Should I implement push notifications on my site?

When a visitor clicks to allow push notifications it is essentially a lead, it shows that they are interested in your brand, services and products. Push notifications can be dynamic and personalised depending on how well your data is segmented. Getting to know your customers is key, it makes them feel valued and can help build brand loyalty, this way you can target them based on what they need, not what you think they need.

Need some inspiration on what messaging you could use? Take a look at the following topics to see how you could utilise them on your site:

  • Announcing new products/services
  • Announce start date of sale
  • Push personalised offers and promotions based on user behaviour
  • Recover abandoned cart messages
  • Communicate to a consumer that their item has been shipped or expected delivery date
  • New content on site
  • New published blog

Are browser push notifications something your users could benefit from? We can help you implement, segment and deliver a push notification campaign fully in tune with each of your prospective customers. Get in touch with us today to discuss further.