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Is your website ready for the Google Index Split?

Google has announced that it will be splitting its search results index into two separate versions; one for mobile and one for desktop with the new mobile index being the primary, and therefore most up-to-date version. The news was announced at the recent Pubcon held in Las Vegas by Google’s own Gary Illyes.

It has been public knowledge for some time that Google has been pushing for a more optimised mobile experience for its search. Google introduced its ‘Mobile-friendly’ label in November 2014, bringing with it rumours that if you didn’t have a mobile-friendly site, you would no longer rank highly in search results.

Since then, Google has removed the label and has stated that over 85% of all websites are now mobile friendly, thus no longer needing the label to reiterate such a fact.

But, if we look back to when the labels were announced, something happened.

Webmasters listened. They told their decision maker. They budgeted. They had new, fully responsive websites built. And the internet has been a much better place since. Not just for searchers, but for businesses and those who run websites. It forced them to understand how people interacted with their site, allowing them to customise their customers journeys, dependent of their device.

Although just speculation, the news of the split index has people surmising. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly site, does this mean you won’t rank at all on the mobile index? Will you be only shown on the desktop search results? If so, you could be set to lose out on around 50% of traffic from Google searches, which would inevitably impact sales.

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