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Made-to-Measure Email Marketing

By definition, behavioural email marketing refers to the strategy of utilising automated email systems and software to target specific customers and clients based on their preferences. Data is gathered based on the client’s and customer’s on-site behaviour, determining whether they have subscribed to the newsletter, purchased a product or service previously or even abandoned a basket before checkout.

By monitoring on-site behaviour, stores and businesses can then tailor specific campaigns to that user based on their choices during their visit to the website. This in theory boosts the success rate of such targeted campaigns, as audience relevancy and accuracy is increased.


So how do we go about choosing our target audience, and tailoring our campaigns based on website behaviour and choices? It all starts with relevancy. Are your campaigns relevant to these customers, and will they continue their duty to go on and increase site visits and most importantly, website sales?

With the correct strategy in place, the answer should be a resounding ‘yes’.

The days of marketing companies spamming anyone who has had even the slightest of interaction with a particular brand or service are finally well and truly over, with a great deal of credit going to our beloved email spam filters.

It’s time to target the site visitors, the basket abandoners and perhaps most importantly, those customers who go on to make purchases. Research suggests that almost half of site visitors that abandon their baskets would actually return to complete the transaction if an email reminder was sent. After all, someone who has submitted the vast amounts of personal information required before pressing that crucial ‘Pay’ or ‘Place Order’ button are likely to be sold by your brand, product or service.

Tailor Made Campaigns

By monitoring how people interact with websites, we can create campaigns that appeal to segmented audiences which will in turn increase sales. A campaign can be as simple as sending an automated email to the basket bailers reminding them of their order around 24 hours after it was initially left.

A simple ‘Complete Your Purchase’ email enticing the customer back with a small discount of free shipping is often a great way to get those potential sales completed. A combination of brand images, basket content and planting the idea of potential savings in this email is sure to sweeten the deal.

Begging and pleading in the form of spam emails are likely to decrease sales and also reduce the chances of your potential customer returning at all. It should be avoided not only in basket abandonment campaigns, but any sort of email marketing campaign you wish to pursue.

Tactical Newsletters and Promotions

Despite the best efforts of spam filters, in reality the vast number of email newsletters we receive turn out to be completely irrelevant to our requirements. This is where a great deal of email marketers have fallen by the wayside. Submitting tailor made newsletters to segmented audiences allows us to target customer requirements and preferences.

This doesn’t mean spending a great deal of man hours writing differing content, it means having various newsletters available for different consumers, and understanding that in fact, everyone is different and should be treated to a brand’s personal attention as much as possible.

Newsletters can be personalised depending on particular purchases or site preferences that the customer has made use of in the past. For example, if they have shown interest in a particular product or collection, the newsletter that they receive can be customised reminding them of this collection, and alerting them of any special offers that may be present.

Understanding Your Audience

It doesn’t matter if you’re attempting to increase returning customers or simply want to improve your on-site experience; a strong behavioural email marketing strategy is an essential element to the growth of any online business.

Incorporating your consumer’s needs and interests into your campaign not only increases success and sales, it in turn builds brand reputation and reliability – factors that should never be underestimated.

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