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Micro Moments That Matter

Micro moments are ‘in the moment’ opportunities where users dip in and out to collect information when something is at the top of their mind. These micro moments are bite size actions that help a consumer plan their next steps in their journey to conversion, such as I want to learn, I want to buy, I want to go, I want to do. These moments are often carried out on a smart phone so it is important that you are there, useful and quick to satisfy consumer needs. The formats are inherently mobile, real-time, friendly and snackable.

Micro moments are reshaping the marketing funnel and ultimately how companies market and sell their products and services. Today’s marketers need to ensure they capture the attention of users and control experiences in real time. In doing so, it keeps companies ‘front of mind’ with connected customers. On the other hand, if companies are not quick to action and miss or ignore these new moments, they end up missing vital chances to connect with their customers, and competitors could step in.

In these micro moments, users are not going from website to website, or looking to chat with a sales person and they are most definitely not going to drop everything to go in store or move from their mobile device to switch on their PC. Instead, micro moments happen in real-time and as a results, they have broken the traditional user journey into hundreds of on the go, intent driven moments. We all do it. We fill voids with them or pass the time whilst queuing. We even do it when commuting, walking or laying down to rest.

The expectations of online consumers are extremely high. If they want information they want it there and then to enable them to take instant action. Their entire online browsing is made up of micro moments and their decision at each stage is becoming more and more unscripted and unpredictable. In fact, Google reported that brand loyalty often goes out of the window in these micro moments, as consumers will satisfy their need in the fastest way, be it a brand they would normally purchase from or someone new.

Innovative thinking marketers who focus on micro moments and consumer expectations will naturally open up to a new level of significant consumer engagement. By winning these important micro moments and beating your competitors will see a better experience for consumers and an increase in real business results.

If you want to discuss further how to optimise your customer journey for these micro moments please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our Account Managers.