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New US Website for Hi-Tec

Global sportswear brand Hi-Tec has commissioned digital agency to develop a bespoke online training portal for its retailers in the US.

The Yorkshire agency said the new US site was being designed to enhance brand awareness and product knowledge amongst retail staff in the States. “At the moment retailers who sell Hi-Tec products in store are put through a standard training site which is used by multiple retailers,” said John Young of

“By creating their own portal Hi-Tec can design training programmes which are personalised to each retailer with integrated branding and specific information about the product ranges they sell, thereby improving staff knowledge, brand loyalty and customer service.”

Mr Young said the development of the training site in the US would make it easier for Hi-Tec to add modules to coincide with new product launches. “The portal will also be integrated with Hi-Tec’s own website and will feature blog feeds and special offers which can be instantly updated to ensure retailers have access to the latest promotional information,” he added. first started working with Hi-Tec over six years ago on a new website to coincide with the sportswear giant’s ‘Inspired By Life’ campaign. This led to the development of a multi-language global brand site which could be maintained through one central CMS. Unique content layers were developed for UK, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Paraguay, South Africa and Spain.

Since then the agency has tailored Hi-Tec’s key message of inspiring people to be active and enjoy the great outdoors to appeal to different markets in countries across Europe and the rest of the world.

Ongoing work has included SEO campaigns and standalone product sites that can be switched on or off by each country to coincide with the roll out of a product range to different international markets.