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Reach Your Audience Via YouTube In 2016

Video advertising is set to be a big trend in 2016. February will see YouTube celebrate their eleventh birthday. The video sharing site already boasts one billion users, where every 60 seconds 300 hours of video content is uploaded to their servers. YouTube encourages users to broadcast themselves but really their main priority is the brands that use YouTube to advertise.

In the past year, the number of brands advertising on YouTube has soared. After once being an under-utilised channel of marketing for smaller brands, 2015 has seen the number of advertisers on YouTube rapidly increase as they hurry to reach millennial consumers. As millennials (those aged 18-35) come into their spending years, brands must not only create products for this tech savvy and socially conscious group, but also reach them in the moment. Video advertising enables opportunity for your brands message to reach your customers and prospective customer in a striking and unique way.

Businesses looking to expand their reach, grow their audience and increase sales should consider advertising on YouTube. It can be an effective way to introduce customers to your products and help convert sales in a way other social platforms may not. It is no wonder 80% of consumers report they find a video helpful when making purchase decisions and 62% prefer to watch a brands video than read a brands blog. YouTube is aiding brands to become more helpful to their consumers. Video content is also often more entertaining and informative and without doubt, more engaging.

Today’s consumers are constantly on the go, video ads can reach these fast paced consumers as they are extremely mobile friendly, simple to embed and easy to share across social media. This provides a window for viral marketing, viewers continually cycle and share videos with friends, colleagues and family member, thus creating a ripple effect as the videos keep getting shared.

Google owns YouTube. Together, it is one of the most expansive and powerful of all the social media marketing platforms. This is because YouTube videos are ranked routinely high on Google’s search pages. The more popularity your YouTube video receives, the higher it will rank. As the video increases in popularity, the better the chance that associated links will be clicked, which will also grow your online business presence.

The effectiveness of video marketing cannot be denied. The past year has shown that it is not only big brands that can benefit from it, smaller businesses can too. If YouTube advertising is something your business could benefit from but you are unsure how to go about incorporating it into your marketing campaign, drop one of our Account Managers a line and they will discuss your options.