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Struggling With B2B Marketing?

B2B and B2C marketing are similar in that the end objective, generally, is to secure a sale or lead. Although many of the marketing terminologies are the same, the way in which marketing strategies are implemented is different.

B2C is generally a ‘want’ purchase, whereas B2B is a ‘need’ purchase. It can often prove difficult to sell a service or product unless the business you are targeting has a ‘need’ for it.

B2B audiences are often smaller, and highly competitive, meaning campaigns need to be specifically targeted to avoid any wasted budget. Ads need to be more diverse and dynamic in the messaging in order to appeal and meet the ‘needs’ of businesses you are targeting.

The B2B customer journey can be a long process, partly because it involves multiple decision makers within a business. Companies must evaluate the pros and cons of each B2B solution on the market, re-determine their ‘needs’, plan the implementation process and finally get approval from all the stakeholders involved.

As the buying journey can be long, retargeting strategies can keep the conversation going. By running retargeting adverts you can continue to communicate with businesses who have visited or engaged with your website previously. We call this the ‘keep in touch’ strategy. This is used both in B2C and B2B, but with B2B it keeps you there, front of mind with businesses, ready for when they ‘need’ your service or product(s).

To keep in touch with prospective customers, there are several techniques that can be utilised, such as:

• Retargeting display ads
• Social retargeting
• Solus emails
• Email automations

If you need help implementing a B2B marketing strategy, give our team a call today to find out where we can help you.

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