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The Power of Social Advertising

Google is no longer the only serious player when it comes to pay per click advertising, with the search giant seeing fierce competition from the likes of Facebook and their in-stream advertising on social media.

In an increasingly mobile world, native ads on Facebook and the like are 'baked in' to the whole user experience and, thanks to the wealth of data collected by the social platforms about their users, can be targeted much more effectively than paid search.

Reports suggest that Facebook is set to grow its mobile ad market share this year, taking over 10 percent from Google, but that doesn't mean you should be pausing your Adwords campaigns just yet.

Advertising and creating brand awareness on Facebook has many advantages that differ from advertising on Adwords, but requires a different approach.

One of the biggest differences between Google and Facebook Ads is search intent. People searching on Google are specifically looking for something, while Facebook users are shown ads based upon their interests. Whereas Google has a pull marketing strategy, Facebook is about brand awareness.

Facebook enables you to advertise to people who are not necessarily searching for your product. This means that Facebook ads are a great way to generate awareness and interest in your product/brand. If people don’t know you exist, they can’t be interested in what you’re selling or the service you provide.

Facebook’s advertising platform can seem complex with a whole array of targeting options. There are a number of categories ads can fall under depending on your objective, be it page likes, clicks to website, video views etc... The advanced targeting options that Facebook offer is the main reason we use it as an advertising platform. You can target by interest, enabling you to reach audiences by looking at their interests, activities and skills. Along with behavioural targeting, where you can reach people based on their purchase behaviours. Facebook is witnessing an increased adoption of targeted tools such as ‘custom audiences’, which enables marketers to use data, such as email address, to segment current and prospective customers on Facebook. For example, online retailers such as Amazon and eBay take users’ email addresses, identify them on Facebook, and then target them with relevant ads.

We recently ran a competition for a leading homeware retailer where we promoted the competition via Facebook. The Facebook ad brought lots of traffic to the competition landing page. Alongside the advert we boosted a Facebook post which reached just under 90,000 specifically targeted users. Running this competition campaign via Facebook helped the homeware retailer increase their email database by 2,500 new addresses. We can now use these additional addresses to build custom audiences in future to ensure that the target audience is narrowed down in order for budget to be spent on those that may actually become customers.

We also run weekly Facebook ads for a West Yorkshire theatre company. When we have these adverts running we almost always see a healthy increase in ticket sales.

There are many other advertising platforms to consider besides Google and Facebook. Twitter and LinkedIn also offer excellent ways in which you can connect to your current audience and prospective audience. As well as Instagram, which is set to play a major role in digital advertising for years to come. If you would like further information on other channels, contact the 9xb team and we will be happy to help.