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Tuesdays Pack a Punch for 9xb

It's not unusual for co-workers of a business to socialise outside of office hours. Some play 5-a-side football. Others prefer to chew the fat in the local over a pint. Rarely though, is boxing the recreational activity of choice for a business' staff.

We suppose it's somewhat unusual that nearly a third of the 9xb team rise at the crack of dawn every Tuesday morning for 12 (well, more like four or five) rounds of boxing at Big Kat Central on Hornbeam Park.

The catalyst for  the office's new-founded foray into the Sweet Science is undoubtedly project manager Rich Kenny. In a life prior to 9xb, Rich fought and trained professionally in both boxing and MMA.

What started as a couple of the projects team curious to find out what it's like to get in the square circle has steadily begun to involve all corners of the office. Perhaps even more surprising is the newcomers arriving each week.

Whilst there are now a few bruised arms, sore ribs and bloody noses in the office on a Tuesday morning, everyone would testify the impact the sessions have had on their fitness and how much they're enjoying them.

Here's a video of a sparring session between senior project manager Joe Lyon and senior projects developer Mike van Rooyen:

We'll post a few more over the coming months and let you decide if we're getting any better.