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Video Tagging Online Ads

The WireWAX online service is the first taggable video tool, allowing video owners to tag specific items in their videos, be it people and objects or even brands and companies.

The beauty of this tool is that it can be utilised to its full potential by e-commerce companies and brands, allowing them to showcase their latest product ranges, promotional offers, image galleries and much more. One of the first to jump on the WireWAX bandwagon is Pepe Jeans, who have created dynamic hyperlink hotspots on specific products worn my moving models, take a look below:

As you can see, this unique and exciting advert not only possesses the necessary qualities that are usually included in a video’s recipe for success, it also allows the viewer to preview and purchase those products, bringing them to life like never before and simplifying the buying process greatly.

What Next?

Should this trend take off as predicted, we can expect online video advertisements to reach a revolutionary new level.

With the ability to click to purchase something that appeals to us during an advert, logic suggests that e-commerce sales will sky rocket, improving online shopping experiences for users who perhaps were less keen on the prospect of buying online before the introduction of WireWAX’s latest tool.

It isn’t just shoppable adverts that can benefit from video tagging. Brands such as Adidas and Nike have also registered and uploaded media to the video tagging service, creating interactive galleries and unique viewer experiences for increased user interaction.

With such big names jumping on the trend, we will no doubt see a lot more from WireWAX.

WireWAX and YouTube

With a connection now existing making YouTube and WireWAX compatible with one another, the video advertisement possibilities are endless.

WireWAX videos can now be shared on what is by far the largest and most used video platform on the web, whilst having impressive user backing from huge global companies such as Nike, who have managed to demonstrate exactly how much WireWAX is capable of.

With free account availability and a simple sign up and tagging process, WireWAX is sure to feature greatly in a considerable amount of online advertisements in the coming months.

Every brand should and probably will be creating tailor-made videos featuring taggable content for the best chance of ad success, whilst spreading the finished copy across as many interactive online platforms as possible.

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