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Using Online To Optimise Offline Campaigns

In the modern day where marketing campaigns are proving to be life and soul of a company’s success, it’s becoming more important than ever to optimise and integrate both online and offline strategies to their full potential.

The days of a standard television advert or even a traditional magazine or newspaper banner or page are long gone, and probably for the better too.

Popular yet brief tag lines that are utilised in offline campaigns consist of phrases such as ‘Go Online to Find out More’ ‘Check out or website to find out more’. For a good example, look no further than the massive online auction site, eBay.

By using television advertisements, they can actively encourage new customers to go online, remind existing customers to bring their business back, and even promote the use of alterative platforms including mobile...

By combining online and offline techniques to create a thorough and consistent campaign, we can project a sense of both professionalism and trust, as well as increasing consumer interaction and therefore in turn, conversion rates. Whether this consists of increased enquires or sales, a campaign should be present and noticeable on as many online and offline platforms as possible.

Aesthetics and Themes

Perhaps one of the most important elements of utilising both online and offline mediums for a marketing campaign is creating a co-ordinated theme across each advertisement, and optimise branding opportunities as much as possible.

A campaign should carry a theme, specific offer and promotion. This gives existing and potential new consumers that important piece of bait to bite, and an incentive to invest in your particular product or service.

Each advertisement and piece of artwork that then goes out to market and to optimise the chosen campaign should ideally be branded and themed, therefore instantly associated with it upon viewing.

Taking Advantage of Online Strategies

Once you have your themes and artwork is place, it’s time to take advantage of the world of online marketing to coincide perfectly with your offline campaign.

Billboards, television advertisements and printed media product placements have each been around for a great deal of time, and it’s certainly time to up our game into the digital market too. Websites often choose to create specific landing pages depending on a number of factors, which include location and particular product ranges.

This not only provides a significant boost for SEO campaigns, it also brings in customers that would otherwise search for local alternatives. PPC campaigns can be run alongside this to optimise campaign specific terms and keywords to dramatically increase site traffic.

Other essential tips include…

Maximising Social Media

Whether we like it or not, social media continues to play an ever increasing integral part of our day to day lives. Connecting your offline campaign to social networks is a great way of sending your news or promotion viral without breaking the bank. Ensuring your social media channels are intact and up to date in time for the launch of your latest campaign improves your campaigns interaction potential at the time of offline viewing.

Make It Shareable

The best way to create hype around your product or service is to make it interesting, fun and friendly, especially to the target audience you wish to approach and entice. Again with the help of social media, all content and advertisements are becoming shared resources globally with the simple press of a button.

Make your campaign stand out from the rest to increase its viral potential with the help of online platforms.

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Photo Credit: Shamalow Bleu