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Why Is Cross Device Conversion Tracking Important?

The number of conversion across devices continues to increase. Are you tracking cross device conversions? If not, you could be potentially losing out on valuable data insights which if tracked, could benefit your business. 

Utilising cross device conversion tracking enables you to accurately measure a conversion if a user has clicked your advert from one device, but in the end converts via a different medium i.e direct or organic, from another device. For example, a user searching for a new lawnmower sees a paid advert, they click on it but perhaps do not have the time to purchase. Later that day, the user searches for the company selling the lawnmower on a different device from earlier, here they make their purchase completing a conversion. As long as the AdWords unique conversion tracking code is on the page that appears once the purchase has gone through, AdWords will record it as a cross device conversion.

Cross device conversions are increasing as purchasing trends continue to shift towards mobile.Cross device conversion tracking, however, is still under-utilized as some marketers are unaware of the importance in setting it up. A few simple steps setting it up and your business could benefit.

It will help you better attribute how often cross device sales or leads are taking place, and can highlight the added value of having an active mobile presence for any marketing campaigns,. Cross device conversion tracking can help you make your strategies more efficient, therefore, increasing the success of your campaign and paid efforts.

Opting into cross device conversion tracking is something that should be done now in order for you to accurately measure all of your conversions. If this is something you wish to implement but are unsure where to start, give our team a call and we can help get you on the right path to recording all of your conversions.


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