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Online database storing and managing over 5 million records for the UK’s most advanced pet microchipping service.

Identibase is the UK’s largest, government approved, microchipping database and helps reunite thousands of lost pets with their keepers every year. 9xb were commissioned to optimise the existing data and create a web based platform to provide instant access to owners, breeders, vets and administrators.

How did we help Identibase?

  1. Architectured and developed a brand new database schema to optimise storage and performance
  2. Created a complex web application to process new applications, payments,renewals, updates to records and reporting of lost pets
  3. Migrated customers away from paper records to intuitive web based user interface
  4. Seamless bulk data transfer with vet practices’ IT systems using 'Vetxml'
  5. Automatically generates individual, personalised, membership packs
  6. Dedicated branch page for entire nationwide network
  7. Integration with central print production system to automate the printing of new members packs.
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Working together since 2011 we've delivered

Data Management

  • Data cleansing project with conversion and migration to a new optimised format
  • Created data standards to accurately map all fields, standardise formats, dedupe and remove rogue characters
  • Microchip look-up which references other approved UK microchip databases
  • Scheduled reports automatically generated and sent to the relevant stakeholders
  • Key business change project during the implementation of mandatory dog microchipping

User Benefits

  • Fully responsive User Interface optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Bespoke views for owners, breeders, vets and administrators
  • Cost effective email automation covering 5 million records
  • Real time generation of PDF documents which are either emailed to the customer or exported directly to the complex print production system.


  • Reduced postage and administrative costs
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Improved customer service
  • Reduced call centre traffic

“We are delighted to say that the application has successfully streamlined our operations, improved the quality of the data and enabled us to utilise our staff resources better”