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Complex web based software application serving 11,500 Post Office branches

The Post Office is rolling out the largest modernisation programme in their history in response to the changing needs of the 21st century consumer. Managing this process posed challenges and the solution was to develop a complex web application enabling their 11,500 branches to interact with head office.

How did we help Post Office?

Online Software Development

  1. Web based software platform enabling Postmasters to undertake a complex financial review of their branch online
  2. Intuitive, branded user interface
  3. Comprehensive in-page form validation
  4. On screen help to reduce help desk requests and numbers of rejected applications
  5. Branded PDF confirmation of completed assessments automatically created and sent to Postmaster
  6. Exports data in a variety of formats tailored to the internal teams requirements
  7. Improved accuracy for business plan submissions through auto-forecasting tool
  8. Ongoing ‘support desk’ provided post-launch
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“9xb have been a great company to work with. Very responsive to our needs and good advice and guidance thrown in. They will always be my 'go-to' company when I need a web solution.”